Now Here.

My beautiful friend Diane began our yoga class the other day with a reminder from Baron Baptist:

‘We are either Nowhere or Now Here.”


A page from Emma’s Roma sketchbook, fall 2014

This week I will keep my inner ear listening to Diane’s steady voice as I depart Seattle for Boston with Olive. Then 20 hours later head to the airport again and converge with my family in Copenhagen, introducing my children to their Danish cousins and I hope spark a lifetime friendship that will connect the next generation, continuing our family Danish-American tradition of threading the two countries and cultures together since the 1800’s.



Then 24-hours in London for work and friends, continuing to Rome to see the youngest who is studying, and inhaling, Europe this fall.


EDG, Pisa Fall 2014

I will be keeping mindfulness and all life happening in the present as the priority. Not the jet lag (9-hours time change for me), the head cold, the multiple airport hassles.

Instead, I will be now, here. And so grateful for my family, my friends, my pup who braved her first flight, my nest.

The olive oil will glug on Thanksgiving, where I have promised myself not one dish to wash, and a bowl of fresh pasta. New traditions.

Happy Thanksgiving to All, and as my Dad always signed off for the entire month of November,

‘Gobble, Gobble.”


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