Just a couple of pic’s and a thank you.

squash blossomes

I know. Another picture of spring’s beautiful bounty. I can’t help myself. Ballard Farmer’s Market, Sunday, May 17, 2015.

It’s official: Olive and I head to Boston tomorrow afternoon between workshops to spend a month with the family. I wish I could say I have the packing thing down but there seems to be a duffle bag  full of clothes that I can’t live without. Plus a roller bag ready with bits and pieces and the laptop. Also, a dog carrier by the door.  Alaska Airlines, here we come.

I spent the day going over some chapters, working in the backyard (no dirt untouched by me wherever I live, ever), and catching up on a huge pile of New York Times pages that have stacked up while I finished my workshops.


Olive and I took a walk around the lake early this morning and I am feeling sentimental. I have deepened friendships and trust with old and new writing friends. Chatted with some amazing authors. Increased my per-day espresso consumption, thank you Allison, at Cafe Vita. This may have been driven by the large dog biscuits passed over the counter, who’s to say. And thanks to this amazing weather, I was able to see the first blooms on my clematis, ‘Piilu.’

Clematis Piilu

See you soon from the other coast. Thank you for reading.

A. Dane


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