Tony's Coffee House, Fairhaven, WA

Tony’s Coffee House, Fairhaven, WA

Imagine how happy I was to see this sign. For one thing, I am always striving for balance — how much time to exercise, read, write, see friends, spend time with my family. I am determined, as most of you know, to write this manuscript, treat the work seriously; adhering to hours set aside each day, responsibilities and benefits. This usually falls apart back in Boston when I want to do everything BUT stay inside and write or research. Especially when Olive puts a small paw on my knee, indicating it’s time for her.

I want cookies in both hands. Now, that lends to an extra roll around the middle, but a sense of pleasure and reward no matter what — double dessert, double espresso, double the treat. I thrive with the work, the research, the failures, the kudos. In actuality, how to hold everything I love to do in just two hands?

Last weekend I felt doubly blessed. At the Chuckanut Writer’s Conference I had the option of Erik Larson in one room, Stephanie Kallos in another, Elizabeth George speeding down the hallway in her red Converse sneakers. Carol Cassella smiling at absolutely everyone. A few new authors I had the pleasure to listen to and question.

The conference was a cookie in each hand:  Two days with my hands full of notes, paper, pens, my head full of great ideas, an interesting person at every turn. Wait, that’s three.

I needed two more hands.

I can get happily fat on that.


4 thoughts on “Balance.

  1. Nice analogy, Alexandra. I felt the same sense of fullness with the tantalizing offerings at the conference and wanted to be replicated to go to all of the panels. At least I’ve resurrected my aged blog and that’s only one cookie crumb I took away with me.

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