Your Next Inch.


So on to the next holiday, the one with all the cheer and merry and bright. Only the world isn’t very cheery or merry or bright.

This week three friends have remarked, “I don’t even open the paper now — or turn on the news — or listen to the radio.” Today, the third-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook School tragedy, I am almost paralyzed thinking about that community. Facebook is enraged as we should be — about politics, guns, death, war, refugees, cancer, the environment, climate change, ISIS. Everything we read and see is a barrage of anger, words, photos and turmoil.

So. Those are all off the table for the next 100 words. Period. You have that covered on all your social media. And not because these issues and dramas and tragedies aren’t important. But because let’s take a little break.

Print out this calendar: Holiday Calendar and catch up.

Try these 15 things to do when the world feels like a terrible place.

How about these 15 things to do when you feel terrible.

How about baking a few dozen cookies?

How about going to your church, or community center, or temple and listening to the voices around you? Sing. Talk. Smile. Close your eyes and take this in, this good humanity that is around you.

I have made quarts of lemon curd in the last few weeks, preserved in beautiful glass jars, and gave them all away unconditionally. Sweet and tart. Love and hate. Peace and War.

Today I mourn innocence. And acceptance. And cheer. And plan to do something about that. Beginning with a slow walk, Olive barking at the fog. I am thinking about all of you. Take care of yourself and those around you. Fix the world by cherishing your world. Take it back, one inch, one jar, one song, one person at a time.



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