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Hello. Are you ok?

Hello my readers. Are you out there? Are you ok? I would like to share a few virtual hugs. In 350 words — no, it has gone to 424. Bear with me.

Some new conditions of the human race have floated to the surface of this strange and difficult time — and I don’t just mean words and conditions such as “quarantine.”

“Thank you for zooming in today,” my online yoga  class began this morning. “One foot in front of another, one word in front of another,” came from my virtual writing group. “Don’t bother to brush your hair,” I began when inviting friends to knit together on our computers. “Elbow bump!” back when we could be that close. I have a “yarn fairy” now, not a store, at Marblehead Knits. I don’t believe most postings, or stats, or links. I stick to one time a day on the NYT site for a morning update. One. One. One. I recognize anxiety a mile away now.

“Are you wearing masks?” is a question that makes me stop, drop and roll in my stomach. But I have bandanas and hair elastics for when that has to happen. It should happen.

This will end. We will be altered from this global catastrophe — our politics, our friends, our handshakes, our finances to name a few. This cannot be helped. I stay in quarantine aware that suddenly I am “elderly” and qualify for early shopping hours and that there ARE early shopping hours for over-60. Horrified, pissed off and acutely aware that going grey was a choice and trendy and now a sticker on my forehead.

But there are flip-sides about discovering so many hours in the day I had treated casually back in January. Spring — birdsongs, buds, tiny narcissi, my father’s hyacinth greet me and I linger to see them daily. Friends have reached out, ones I have not seen for forty years. I have a knitting blog alexandradaneknits to make that circle wider, the resources more accessible. I have a daughter and a dog moved in, her art studio set up in the sunny kitchen. Her daily art posting keeps us all thinking of new ideas. I set up a yoga space for online classes. I pulled out, washed and placed by my espresso machine all the grandmothers’ teacups and post my daily try at being a barista. Who would have thought that machine, last holiday’s indulgence order, would become essential?

Send me your resources. I want to throw them into the stratosphere and open the world when it has become more closed, despite. Thanks for reading. You are awesome.

Be well. Stay mighty. Stay home.

Alexandra Dane

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10 thoughts on “Hello. Are you ok?

  1. Mary Kay Feather says:

    Pandemic baking with soudough starter burbling in the fridge and a pile of ripe bananas for bread.

    Cleaning, or intent to clean.

    Inspirational classes like the one on Slow Time

    Dusting off the out of tune piano

    Quarantini Hour

    Elliott Bay Books is still shipping

    Midday Scrabble matches

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  2. Marsha Bergeron says:

    Alexandria no you are awesome! You write what we all feel but don’t have the words. I thank you!

    The social distancing will change us but at this point I’m not sure exactly how…will we be kinder, more aware of our fellow man or not? I’m not sure. I have seen both responses but I hope for the best and will try to be the kind of person I need and want to be!
    Blessing to you and your family and please stay safe.

    Marsha Bergeron

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  3. Nan says:

    Hey Alex
    Good part is when walking the dog I don’t have to worry about being nudged out of the way by parents cutting through Hewitt Street rushing to work. I am working more now. Running IEP meetings on line is awesome folks are shy and less likely to carry on.
    The worst part is I miss my kids and grandkids. This will pass. I will retire again and I will spend more time with them.


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